Matthew Cotterill

Matt is our electric guitar specialist - he's the man when it comes to getting great electric guitar tone. With his keyboard skills and background in media composition, he usually takes the reigns with keyboard and synth production and programming. He's also an expert arranger and specialises in getting your tracks right before you hit the studio. 


Matt's mission is to serve musicians by making distinct recordings that connect with their audience. When bands record with Matt, their music always receives the care, attention and passion that it deserves.

He is driven by a belief that music should be a compelling experience. He gets to the heart and soul of what makes a song tick, and figures out how a track will get a listener involved.

With every recording there are a unique combination of individuals, influences and quirks. Matt therefore avoids formulas and approaches each project differently. He loves journeying with musicians, getting to know them and finding out how they want to sound. Nothing puts a smile on his face like seeing a track develop into its true potential and seeing musicians come alive as their imagination becomes reality.

Matt can work with any sensible budget, and will always encourage quality over quantity.

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