Paul Kent

Paul set up Flipside way back in 2004. As a songwriter and musician, back then he was working on talking books and flapping pants (apparently that's a great way to make bird sound effects) but now he's grown the company in to the dynamic, professional studio you see today.

Paul makes an impact on most of the albums that go through Flipside, he has a strong musical vision and an ability to draw performances out of musicians. 

Paul is an exceptional vocal producer with a long list of clients including : Mutya (Sugababes),  Charlie Healy (The Risk), Scorcher, Lee Mitchell and a host of Commercial Radio and television work for ITV, Digital Treehouse, Mercia Radio (Now Free Radio), Radio Plus etc.

You'll also see Pauls inpu in the video features you'll find throughout the site. He enjoys capturing the moment, and convincing bands to record a quick interview, which inevitably become golden reminders of their time here with us.

When he's not in the studio he's coming up with more insane business ideas or writing snippets that will eventually become books.

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