Full Equipment List

Recording, Interface and Systems

3 x Mac Pro Desktop Computers.
2 x Macbook pro Laptops

Interface & A/D D/A Conversion
Lynx Aurora
SSL XLogic Alpha Link MADI
Motu 828 MKii
Focusrite Liquid Saffire

Unity Audio 'The Rock' x4 (2 sets)
Adam A7X
Event 20/20

Soundtracs MRX 32/8/2 Analog Mixing Console

1 x AKG k702
5 x Dt100
2 x HD25 SP
1 x DT250

Protools 10
Logic 9
Reason 4

UAD, Waves, Brainworx, Slate Digital, Autotune, Fab Filter......
The list is endless! Get in touch for more details

16 Channels of CLM DB8000s Preamps (2 x 8 channel Strips)
2 x Avalon 737 Preamp, EQ & Compression
1 x Universal Audio 610 Preamp, EQ & Compression}
2 x Five Fish Audio SC1 Mk3 Preamps

Universal Audio 1176
Lexicon 480L Reverb
2 x Stereo Tfpro P8 'Edward The Compressor'
G-ssl (Ssl Stye Stereo Bus Compressor)
Ridge Farm Boiler (Stereo Compressor)
FMR Rnc Compressor
Tfpro P9 Mastering EQ


Violet Design 'The Globe'
AKG 414b XLS
Sontronics Saturn
Sontronics DM-1b
2 x SE 4400
3 x Audio-Technica AE3000
2 x Audio-Technica 4033
2 x Rode Nt1a
Rode Nt1a Michael Joly Mod
2 x Apex 460 Mod (Peluso Capsule)

2 x Octavia MK012 Michael Joly Mod
4 x Rode Nt5
2 x Rode M3
4 x AKG C1000

Shure Sm7b
2 x AKG D112
2 x Audix D6
2 x Audix i5
Sennheiser MD421
3 x Sennheiser e604
11 x Shure sm57
11 x Shure sm58
+ Other odd Microphones

Ribbon & Others
Royer R-121
2 x SE Voodoo VR1
Apex 205 Michael Joly Mod
T-Bone Ribbon
Shure Beta 91 Boundary Microphone


USA Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster
Fender Telecaster '62 Reissue with Bigsby
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Firebrand ES-335
Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro HT24
Mexican Fender Stratocaster

Taylor 814ce (Acoustic Guitar)
2 x Takamine (Acoustic Guitars)

Fender Jazz Deluxe (Bass Guitar)
Yamaha (Bass Guitar)

Marshall JCM800 2205 (1986) Head and Vintage 1970s 2x12
Blackstar Artisan 100 Head & Cab, Artisan 30 combo, Artisan 15 Combo
Marshall Mode 4 Head + Cab
Fender Prosonic 2x10 Combo
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier + 2x12 Cab
Hayden Mini Mofo Head
Hughes & Kettner CC412 4x12 Cab

Boss Chorus Ensemble, Boss Turbo Overdrive, Boss RV3 Reverb/Delay, Boss GE1 EQ
Fulltone Mosfet Full-Drive, Strymon Blue Sky, MXR Slash Octave Fuzz, MXR Phase 90, 
Mad Professor Compression, EHX Freeze, EHX LPB Boost, Dunlop Cry Baby,
Marshall Guvnor original, Marshall ShredMaster, 
Blackstar HTDual, HTDistort, HTDelay, HTMod
Sansamp Bass Driver

Drums & Percussion
Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece Drum Kit + Zildjain ZBT Cymbals
Various Shakers, Tambourines, Bongo/Djembe, Snares

Hammond Organ + Speaker
M-Audio Pro Key 88
Yamaha P-90 Digital piano
Roland Juno G Synth
Novation Impulse 61
Yamaha KX8

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