Folk / Acoustic / Pop

James Herring

His voice encapsulates the tender vulnerability of Athlete's Joel Pott meeting the rugged, soulfulness of Marcus Mumford. His ethereal voice carrying his delicate lyricism transports you into his world


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Introducing Upstream

Upstream Producers Flipside has always run by the philosophy of teaming the best people for the right role. Using the correct engineer for recording certain instruments, the right producer to work with a certain artist, the right mixing engineer for a specific genre. This is the idea that ...

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Those Amongst Us Are Wolves Piano Recording

Coventry rehearsal rooms

Where should you rehearse in Coventry? We get quite a few people asking whether we do rehearsal rooms here at Flipside. For the record we dont, stop ringing us! But for such a small city we do have a lot of rehearsal rooms in Coventry, and we've been to so many band rehearsals that we ...