There's a lot more to recording than simply putting some microphones in a room and hitting record: it's a complex decision of mic choice, Pre amps, room choice, instrument, part, vibe and performance. You wouldn't let an amateur dentist near your teeth. So why settle for anything but the best for your precious music!


To quote one our clients :

"I spent a long time (and a fair bit of money) trying to record my own demos, but I could never quite get it to sound right. When we were at your place, I could just relax and play my music and know I had some guys who knew what they were doing. I played what was in my head and when I walked back in to the control room it sounded like it should. For me, that's a big deal! Thank you."


Over 10 years of experience, tens of thousands of pounds of equipment and a friendly, creative environment. Welcome to Flipside, the midlands recording studio.


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