Introducing Upstream

Nath Morris, 24th October 2014

Upstream Producers

Flipside has always run by the philosophy of teaming the best people for the right role. Using the correct engineer for recording certain instruments, the right producer to work with a certain artist, the right mixing engineer for a specific genre. This is the idea that has become a foundation with our joint effort with Stawhouse Studios in Rugby.

We have been working alongside Strawhouse for some time now, the studio being a fantastic recording space, and working with projects alongside Dutch and Big Help Management.

After some coffee infused meetings, we decided to put a name to this relationship.
'Upstream Producers' was born. A new approach to the production process that centers around the artists, and using the skill set and resources of a team of producers, engineers and studios. This allows us to bring in the right person for the job, get an extra set of ears on a sound, a performance, or a mix, all for the purpose of providing the artists with the best product possible!

Over the last half a year with have worked with some fantastic artists under this new approach. Which has produced some great results!

Alicia Catling, Quarry, Hollie Aires, Moringtstar, Henry Parker, Speak Brother. Are some of our recent artists, styles ranging from Pop, Indie, Folk, Blues, Metal. All of the released work so far, has gone on to get a ton of reviews and features, as well as radio airplay from various stations and countries.

Moving forward, Upstream are now also a studio partner with Open Mic Uk, and were judges for the Milton Keynes finals on the 25th October, where we got to see some of the great local talent take the stage. Some of which have been prize winners, receiving studio recording time. More to come about this in a future blog!

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